Sturdy Mfg x dotmod - dotAIO V2 Limited Edition NeRo Black

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NERO BLACK dotAIO V2 Limited Edition, by Sturdy Mfg x dotmod

This Limited Edition NERO BLACK version of the dotmod dotAIO V2 is the next iteration in the series of Sturdy Mfg x dotmod collaborative projects.

Made from Delrin like the first release in the series (the ICEBERG WHITE dotAIO V2), with design by Sturdy Mfg, resulting in a durable and lightweight device that has added functionality.

NOTE FOR CANADIAN CUSTOMERS: The dotAIO Tank V3 included in this kit NOT CRC Compliant. Any Canadian sales for this product will automatically have the tank converted to the dotAIO V2 tank to remain compliant for Canadian Sale

For international customers who prefer the dotAIO V1 Tank and Coil system, we have included the option to swap the v3 tank and dotCoils to the equivalent v1 tank and dotAIO coils (plus the Aspire Nautilus coil adapter). Please note that this option can NOT be used for sales within Canada, and is intended for export purposes only.

The dotAIO V2 offers the perfect blend of updates to an already amazing all-in-one platform! Featuring updates such as full adjustable wattage up to 75 Watts, stealth mode, colour changing display, and the all-new V3 tank system that is still compatible with the original dotAIO tank as well as the dotAIO V2 tank. The dotAIO V2 now has an LCD screen to easily view all your settings.

New Changes!

Besides the obvious change from white Delrin to Black Delrin, a number of changes are present in this NeRo Black variant, compared to the first Iceberg White release:

  • Finer surface finishing
  • Side airflow intake ports. This will help with minimizing condensation build-up
  • Larger 4mm airflow slot on tank-side panel for better airflow. This placement has been tuned to allow for a complement to all RBA's available on the market at the time of development.
  • Stainless steel buttons now coated in DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon), for an ultra durable and hard-wearing colour finish. DLC is the same process used to blacken luxury stainless steel watches.

Enhance Your Vaping Experience

The dotAIO V2's updated V3 2.0 mL tank features the same blend of ease of use and performance as the original, with a new airflow base and fill port making the V3 dotAIO Tanks easier to use than ever. The spring-loaded contact located under the tank section allows for easy tank removal.

The dotAIO V2 also offers a fully adjustable chipset allowing down to 0.1 Watt changes in wattage mode up to 75 Watts, four power settings based on coil resistance (very soft, soft, medium, strong) in auto mode, bypass mode, and temperature control modes.

Like the original dotAIO, the V2 also features dry burn protection that cuts the current when the e-liquid level is low, extending the life of your coils.

Utilizing a single 18650 battery and having a plethora of adjustments, you can ensure the dotAIO V2 will last all day.

Customization on a new level

The original dotAIO had a wide range of customization options both by dotmod and many third-party companies. Most dotAIO custom accessories are compatible with the dotAIO V2, and vice versa.

The dotAIO V2 tank that is included, works with a brand-new coil platform with resistances from 0.15 Ohms to 1.0 Ohms. Purchase these new dotCoils >> HERE <<.

Are you a fan of RBA's? The dotAIO V2 is fully compatible with any third-party RBA. Use the jG x Orca Vape Silo or Atmizoo's dotShell RBAs to customize your own coil and wicking experience.

Prefer a mouth-to-lung experience? Pop on the included MTL drip tip, or use any 510 tip - it's compatible!

Express yourself with interchangeable doors.

Replaceable Battery

Using an easily replaceable 18650 battery (not included), you can carry extra cells to ensure you have more than enough power to last you through the day while giving you long usable life of the device.

Package Contents:

  • 1x dotAIO V2 NeRo Black
  • 1x dotAIO Tank V3 - 4.0 mL e-liquid tank (clear PCTG) (International)
  • OR 1x dotAIO Tank V2 - 2.0 mL e-liquid tank (clear PCTG) (Canada)
  • 1x Airflow control base
  • 1x Tank plug
  • 1x Silicone bumper replacement
  • 1x 0.3 Ohm coil
  • 1x 0.7 Ohm coil
  • 2x Drip Tips
  • 6x O-rings
  • 1x Type-C Charging Cable