BD Vape x Hirano Designs - Droid RDTA Boro Tank

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Launching on September 1, 2023!

Droid Boro RDTA by Hirano Designs x BD Vape

Designed in the USA

BD Vape x Hirano Designs presents the Droid RDTA Boro Tank.

The Droid is a RDTA-style Boro atomizer that fits all Boro-compatible mods such as the Billet Box, Delro, B4e Tycoon, Kil-Lite and more.

The Droid features a top-mounted two-post build deck, interchangeable airflow pins, stainless steel cable liquid transport from the bottom deck, and a unique tank design that holds 5.5mL of e-liquid with a front-fill silicone plug for easy filling.

Top-deck RDTA designs like this are known for superb flavour reproduction and warmth due to the closer proximity to the mouth piece.

Constructed from stainless steel with a PCTG tank section.

The build deck features an easy-to-build two-post build deck with top-mounted flat head capture screws. Wicking is achieved through the use off stainless steel liquid transport cables, which continuously feed up to the cotton wick in your coil. As your coil is fired and the wick is heated, capillary action begins drawing liquid from the top of the liquid transport cables. 

The evaporation chamber of the top cap has been optimized to allow a wide range of coil sizes, while minimizing chamber space for maximum flavour delivery.

Air is brought into the Droid via a front airflow slot with interchangeable pins of the following sizes to adjust air volume restriction:

  • MTL:
    • 1x0.8mm
    • 2x0.8mm
    • 3x0.8mm
    • 4x0.8mm
  • RDL:
    • 0.8x2.8mm Slot
    • 0.8x4.4mm Slot
  • DL:
    • 1.5x5mm Slot
    • 1.5x5mm Slot + 2x2.5mm Holes (no pin)

Why an RDTA-Style Tank for Boro Mods?

The Droid was designed to offer the same great flavour experience often associated with Boro mods and RBA setups, but without the hassle that comes with standard Boro Tank designs. By positioning the build deck at the top of the tank separate from the liquid vessel, there is no need to empty the tank to rebuild or change cotton.

Hirano Designs also wanted to have the ability to share a similar vaping experience as an RDA (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer), delivering warm and flavourful vape in a Boro mod setup. The shorter vapour travel distance of a RDTA allows for a much more direct hit.

Pro Tip: The Droid performs differently from most other atomizers due to the high coil position relative to the drip tip, the airflow design, and small chamber space. As a result, it is recommended to run your wattage lower than you typically would. The balance of airflow may change depending on your device for closed devices such as the Billet Box, Vicious Ant Vidar, Kilic, Delro, etc. Depending on y our setup, y ou may want to use an airflow pin which is one to two sizes larger to compensate for the indirect airflow pathway.

Droid Package Includes:

  • Droid RDTA
  • 7x Airflow Pins
  • 1x 510 Adapter
  • 1x Spare Parts Bag