Armor Mods - Armor Mech V2 LE, Brushed SS and Black FE Body

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Armor Mech V2 LE, Brushed SS and Black Full Engraved Body by Armor Mods

Armor Mech V2 Re-Envisioned

Continuing the Armor Mech signature design language, a major overhaul of the internal structure has been performed to improve performance, power efficiency, and ease-of-use.

This LE (Limited Edition) Brushed SS/Black FE finished variation of the Armor Mech V2 features clean machine-finished SS top and bottom plates for an exquisite look, along with a high quality fully engraved black aluminum body.

Please note, that the photos in the main photo are of the POLISHED plate version. The brushed version has a slightly more matte finish, but is still brighter than the "satin" version shown in the below photos. Actual photos of the brushed SS version are forthcoming.

NOTE: Photos shown of Armor Engine attached to mod are for demonstration purposes only. Armor Engine RDA is not included in this sale. This sales listing is only for the Armor Mech V2 Mod

Armor Mech V2 Catch Cup Reducer Ring

Integrated Catch Cup and Reducer Ring

The integrated catch cup in the top plate has now been expanded to 24mm diameter for greater compatibility with more atomizers, as well as the ability to use 24mm outer diameter beauty rings. A 24mm to 22mm reducer is also included, for a clean looking setup with 22mm atomizers.


Armor Mech V2 510 Connector

New 510 Connector Design

New spring-loaded 510 pin design allows for complete tool-free operation and eliminates the need to manually screw the pin up and down to adjust for connection height, while its engineering design allows it to maintain strong and hard hitting performance.


Armor Mech V2 Bottle System

New Bottle System

New bottom feed bottle system features a re-designed bottle that enhances the user experience. Nothing to open or close, nothing to lock or unlock, the new bottle system allows for extremely easy refilling, with no experience of leakage. Just insert the tip of your liquid bottle in to the slot in the silicone bottle, and squeeze till full! No mess, no fuss!

New bottle system has a liquid capacity of 4.5mL, and is made of FDA approved silicone.


Armor Mech V2 Bottle Carrier System

New Bottle Carrier System

The new Armor Mech V2 utilizes a new bottle carrier system that offers multiple functionality. A ball bearing detent in the base allows the bottle carrier to lock in place, while allowing it to rotate and lock in to one of four function positions:

  1. Bottom Feed Mode: Fully exposes the silicone bottle to allow user to depress the bottle to feed liquid to the atomizer.
  2. Display & Protection Mode 1: Blocks and protects the bottle from accidental squeezing, while showing the Armor Mech logos in one orientation.
  3. Release Mode: Allows grip points to allow user to get a firm purchase on the bottle carrier to pull it downward and release the bottle from the body.
  4. Display & Protection Mode 2: Blocks and protects the bottle from accidental squeezing, while showing the Armor Mech logo in another orientation.

Bottle casing is CNC machined from 6063 aluminum.


Armor Mech V2 New Mechanical Structure

New Mechanical Structure

All hard components of the Armor Mech V2 are CNC machined for precision fitment and quality, with a completely new and redesigned short-path magnetic firing switch assembly using solid 925 silver as the contact switch material for the hardest hits possible and longest battery life/efficiency.

Premium quality materials are used, including aluminum, brass, 316L stainless steel, PEEK, and FDA approved food-grade silicone.

Armor Mech V2 Dimensions

  • Height: 76mm
  • Width: 47mm
  • Thickness: 26mm

Battery Tube

24K gold plated CNC machined brass battery tube and dual connection battery cap design allows battery disconnection for safe storage and transport without battery rattle.

18650 high discharge IMR battery is highly recommend, such as the Sony / Murata VTC5D.







Armor Mech V2 Firing Switch

Full Mechanical High Performance Firing Switch Design

The Armor Mech V2 utilizes a completely redesigned switch system, allowing users to deliver hard-hitting consistent performance and power to the user, with easy presses on any position of the switch.

Solid 925 switch contact allows for minimal voltage drop for hard-hitting fast response and performance.

Out of the factory, NO-OX-ID has been applied to the switch contacts, to minimize the need for maintenance*, while making power output more consistent, with lower voltage drop, and thus, increasing battery life.

*We recommend a regular check up of the switch contact areas to ensure there is no major carbon build up from power arcing at the contact points. If there is carbon build-up, clean it off and re-apply another layer for NO-OX-ID sparingly on to the silver contact only.


  • Full mechanical operation
  • Spring-loaded automatic adjusting 510 center pin
  • Manually adjustable battery contact pin to allow for circuit disconnection for safety during transport and storage
  • Battery cap design allows for automatic battery height adjustment
  • Quick change bottle system
  • Height: 76mm
  • Width: 47mm
  • Thickness: 26mm
  • Bottle capacity: Approximately 4.5mL
  • Body material: Aluminum
  • Bottom and Top Plate Material: Stainless steel
  • Button material: Stainless steel
  • Battery tube material: Gold plated brass
  • Battery cap material: Gold plated brass
  • Battery pin material: Gold plated brass
  • 510 Center pin material: Gold plated brass
  • Switch contact material: 925 solid silver

Package Contents:

  • Armor Mech V2, Polished / Black FE
  • 24 to 22mm reducer ring
  • Spare silicone bottle (2 total included)
  • Spare screws/orings
  • Warranty card with serial number

WARNING: It is highly recommend that you fully clean out this product before the first time you use it. While the factory does a decent job at removing dust, shavings, machining lubricants and greases, there is still the potential for trace elements to remain, and it is best recommended that you do an additional cleaning to meet your standard of cleanliness.

DISCLAIMER: Rebuildable atomizers and mechanical mods are for experienced vapers with access to meters and a working knowledge of Ohms Law, Watts Law, battery safety, and how general electricity works. Please ensure care is taken as to not cause damage nor harm to the atomizer, your battery, the vaping device, yourself, others, or personal property.

Vapes by Enushi is not responsible for misuse of product, or dangerously low coil builds. Vapes by Enushi is not liable for the use of improper batteries for your builds.