BB Vapes Brvnd - Ano Force 18650/21700 Battery Wraps - Zircu-Ti Anodized Design (5-pack)

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Zircu-Ti Anodized Design Ano Force 18650/21700 Battery Wraps by BB Vapes Brvnd ZIRCU

These 18650 or 21700 battery wraps by BB Vapes Brvnd have an anodized "Zircu-Ti" design, looking like some type of an etched titanium damascus, Timascus, or Moku-Ti style design, and allows users to replace torn wrappers or customize their existing batteries for a fully customized setup.

Heat Shrink Tube for 18650/21700 sold in packs of FIVE (5).

Note: Battery cell is NOT included in this sale! This listing is ONLY for the heat shrink wrap. Images of these wraps attached to cells are for demonstration purposes only.


  • 5x 18650 or 21700 battery shrink wraps (choose size when adding to cart)


  1. Insert the cell and the positive post isolator ring into the sleeve, ensuring the battery's positive insulator ring is in place and the wrap is positioned correctly. Note: the transparent section of the wrap that says "trvp rules everything around me" has a "+" and a "-" indicator.
  2. Using a hair dryer or heat gun, blow the wrap till it fully shrinks around the battery.
  3. WARNING: Do not apply excessive heat to battery cell!

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