Five Pawns Salts - Bowden's Mate (with excise tax)

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Bowden's Mate Salts by Five Pawns

This gourmet vape features nicotine salts providing a powerful throat hit. With a seductive texture of semi-sweet cocoa e-liquid flavoring, this nic salt pleases the decadent palate. Sharpened with crisp, fresh mint to capture exhilarating gradients, Bowden's Mate Nicotine Salts is finished with a touch of creamy French vanilla. Refreshing for the vaping enthusiast – and perfect for a dinner party.

Bowden's Mate Nicotine Salt features a proprietary nicotine salt blend that provides a medium to strong throat hit. Not for Sub-Ohm Use.


Bottle size: 30mL

VG/PG: 50/50

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