Black Note

Black Note e-liquid provides some of the finest naturally extracted tobacco (NET) available for vaping. For tobacco users and purists seeking the best tobacco flavoured e-liquids, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, look no further!

If you’re looking for an e-liquid with a natural taste, NET e-liquid is undoubtedly the best approach. Not only does it lead to a more complex vape juice, but it also allows the tobacco vaping liquid to capture the unique characteristics of the specific variety of tobacco, from the earthy and complex blends like Burley and Basma through to the sweeter, mellower blends like Virginia and Cavendish.

NET e-liquid is different: the flavor for the vape liquid is extracted directly from real tobacco leaves, leading to a complex, nuanced taste that comes closer than most e-liquid can to the genuine flavor of tobacco. The resulting eliquid tastes like a fresh scoop of high-quality tobacco. It can’t replicate the multitude of chemicals that (only) come from combustion, but the juice cleanly captures the character of tobaccos in a way you’ve never tasted them before.

The process for making naturally extracted tobacco e-liquid is a little more complicated than for most ordinary vapor liquids. Black Note's cold maceration method takes a lot longer – Black Note allows their mixes to macerate for between six and eight weeks before the extraction is ready – but the flavor you get out of the vape liquid at the end of the process is much smoother. The finer details of the multi-tonal flavor of tobacco are preserved in cold maceration: producing nuanced extracts and the best tobacco flavored e-liquid you’ll find on the market.

Black Note takes special care to ensure their tobacco e-liquid is free from chemicals like diacetyl, acetyl propionyl, acrolein, acetoin, acetone ethylene glycol and diethylene glycol, and no artificial colors, sweeteners, dyes or other additives are used in their naturally extracted tobacco e-liquids. With Black Note, you get the most authentic-tasting tobacco vape liquid on the market and nothing else.

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